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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> seahawks richard sherman gained national attention after a rants against the 49ers tree and his parents are talking and what they want to you know about their son. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first, a check on the commute with a couple of things going on. we had a fire reported in fremont off of 680 subat mission boulevard and the alameda fire thought they who is to shut down the entire freeway to put this fire out that is burning if three places at the parkway and mission boulevard. no need, one lane is blocked and they going to have this under criminal in ten minutes. 40 miles per hour at top speeds and over at sfo southbound 101 a tour bus and a big rig collide
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building up. >> good morning, everyone, we will start with the day planner for the bay, and not much of a change this morning, temperatures are in the upper 30's to low 40's under clear skies and we do not have the high clouds. that is a change they will come in, in the afternoon, but they will not stop us from reaching 60 at noon and a colorful sunset and 65 through the evening. inland we have frosty spots again, and temperatures are 61 at noon and 6759 4:00, and 52 at 7:00. the day planner for the coast, a few low clouds this morning and temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's and in the mid-40's -- mid-50's to low 60's. now the news greater risk and kristen. >> police have a medical marijuana dispensary at a strip
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mall surrounded. >> matt? >> police have located a suspect they have been looking if two people. you can see what a huge scene this is, 30 units are on the scene. they is surrounded the strip mall including the medical marijuana dispensary. you can see a fire truck is set up there. the ladder is going to the roof to get officers on to the roof. the mall, again, is shut down as police is surrounded all the businesses. they were called after a security alarm went off at 2:15. officers spotted two people on the roof. police believe the burglars targeted the medical marijuana dispensary in the mall and found broken windows at a dance studio and vacant store. they started with a slow search going through the building dogs and officers are getting help with the lay out from the business managers. a ladder truck was called to get
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officers on to the roof. we showed you that. officers are keeping people away from their safety. the businesses were closed. no employees were inside. we are waiting to hear about the possibility of a capture of a suspect. they we have located one suspect. police say they could be on scene for several more hours. they are keeping people away from here if their safety just in case there weapons. though weapons were scene, but they are being extra cautious on the scene. >> from oakland this morning, authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting, and the california highway patrol said an officer opened fire near east 15th street and 57th avenue at 3:00 this morning after a short chase on city streets reaching speeds up to 50 miles per hour. c.h.p. confirmed the suspect was hit by gunfire but the drivers' condition is not released. no politicians were hurt, and
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oakland police are now in charge of the investigation. you can get breaking updates on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> in san francisco, transportation officials will vote today on a deal to allow the silicon valley employee shuttle buses to use muni bus stops in the city for a price. amy hollyfield is in san francisco with details. amy? >> controversial vote at city hall. google has encouraged the employees to come to city hall and testify on behalf of the buses. if they can, they have even given them talking points. tech companies use the buts to shuttle the employees from san francisco to silicon valley and they use muni bus stops and protesters say they don't like it and have blocked the buses saying private buses should not be allowed to use public bus stops. today, the municipal transportation board will vote on what to charge a dollar per
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day per stop and whether to require the buses to have city permits. some of the froms do not think that goes far enough pointing out what will result in meaningful revenue for muni but city officials say this is a good start toward regulating the buses. what do think? if you would like to come to the meeting it is at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon at city hall. happening today, golden gate bridge officials will hold the first of several public meetings of toll increases, with the bridge district considering smaller annual toll increases opposed to a larger increase every five or more years. the district is asking for public input on four options. if the proposes hikes go through drivers pay $8 for the toll, and fast track cuss tops at least $6.50 by 2018. there will be a meeting at 5:00 at the whistle stop in san rafael and tomorrow at the petaluma community center at 6:00 p.m. and thursday in fort
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mason. >> new detail on richard sherman's rant and the parents are reacting. >> [ inaudible ] don't you open your mouth. >> you reasonable have seen this, the former stanford player went on a rant after he deflected a pass to the 49ers michael crabtree in the waning seconds of the championship game and now his parents say their son is being misunderstood. they spoke yesterday from their southern california home. >> my son often feels -- off the field is one of better people you want to know. everything he does is for other people. >> he never seizes to amaze me. we are so proud of him. >> he is now apologizing for the rant and told espn and i quote,
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"i apologize if attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates. that was not my intent." >> a partial government shut down is underway in the capitol with another storm bearing down on the mid-atlantic and northeast up. the office of personnel management had ordered all nonemergency personnel in the washington, dc, area to stay at home today. the national weather service says up to 8" of snow could fall in the washington, dc, area, today. >> the snow is falling in the chicago area. they are expecting 2" of snow. an hour. some it will feel like 22 degrees below zero. the new system is not expected to be as severe as the polar vortex but it could stick around. >> more than 1,500 flights have been canceled according to www.
6:08 am many to and from chicago, new york city, washington, dc, also seeing delays causing ripple effects through the nation. you will want to check with your airline fur traveling or if you expect loved ones in the next couple of days. >> we will turn things over to leyla gulen with traffic issues. >> we have been tracking the fire bun at fremont, the fremont fire is handling this with a lane blocked, still, and we have southbound 680 loading up as you approach mission boulevard and the red because of one lane blocked to put out the fire, that is causing the delays. between the parkway and mission boulevard southbound it will be cleared up shortly and northbound 80 at davis street, and a.c. transit bus is blocking one lane with no passengers but just stalled out. back over to san jose southbound 101 atly -- at 237, this is an
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incident with a motor coach and a big rig. there is a bit of slowing right if that area. now, a look at the weather. mike nicco? >> good morning, everyone. we will show you what is going on since midnight along the ohio river valley now headed through the mid-atlantic, a big time snowstorm and check out the snow totals, 10 itch in washington, n washington, dc and nearly a foot in new york and boston. nelson is there, hope he is having fun and he will send us in snow. look at the beautiful art work from the exploritorium through san francisco, where it is 50 degrees right now and our destination is 69 and it was a record yesterday, tied a record and today we have to get to 71 and the temperatures are within a degree where we were yesterday with today another record-setting day and tomorrow, also, i don't see a change
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headed to thursday and fridays mid-60's and near 70 and breezy in the hills, still watching to see if a fire threat develops. >> mike, thank you, at 6:10. >> man rights organizations peta is facing controversy with tweets that some call race it. >> first be though, an 80,000 pound cement truck barrels into a home and what the drive was doing just before the deadly crash. a new phrase taking the
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to thosd ewelcome to covered california.
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now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, 6:13 on tuesday morning and this is the eastern span of the bay bridge. looking gorgeous. there have been some trouble spots and leyla gulen is checking them. >> new video overnight show as spectacular late night fire. it happened last night in oklahoma city.
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a 4,000 square feet house burst interest films. officials say no one was home but the family dog did not make it out. no word this morning on the cause of flames. from new york city, a truck driver is dead. five others are injured after a cement truck slammed interest a home last night in the bronx. the 80,000 pound truck slammed into the home with so much first it pushed the house off the foundation. firefighters responded and were forced to take some victims out of the windows the ones say the truck driver was honking his horn right before he slammed into the home. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. happening today, new jersey new jersey governor, chris christie will be sworn in for the second term and plans to hold the customerrary events for the inauguration including an inaugural rare service in newark but a party planned for will police island is canceled because of the weather. he is using the festivity to raise money for new jersey
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charities. investigations continue into traffic tieups that appear to have been ordered by the staff for retribution. and the battle for animal rights, which have left several messages for dr. king's product including this message of caged dogs with the king quote owe other lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter and asked for the image to be retweeted and self blasted the organization for compare the struggle for civil rights to animal rights and others suggested peta was comparing black people to dogs and the president said no comparison has been made. >> twitter is capitalizing on the democrat graphics and the "wall street journal" reports that the newly minted public company needs to generate revenue and hired a marking strategist to target black,
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hispanic and asian-american users and accounted for 40 percent of twitter users. the goal is to attract advertisers that appeal to different racial and ethnic groups. >> last year, "password" was the worse password to have and newment company is identity with the password list of 2013, the worst password list and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is number one. "password" was two, and then, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. "quirky" is number four, and a, b, c, 1, 2, 3, rounds out the list. what about abc7, that is a good password. >> why didn't we think of that. >> you just took mine.
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>> my bank account. >> the numbers are going up, up, and up. >> not the numbers we want to see whether they are record highs are zero with rain or zero with snow. year was the eighth consecutive day with someone in the bay area reaching a record high. san francisco tied at 69. oakland set a new one downtown at 72 and mountain view was at 71 degrees. now, visibility is less than quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay and you can see on live doppler 7 hd some of the clouds are starting to retreat a little bit and that is the case as we head through the afternoon as the offshore wind will start to push them further away. they will not completely go away. santa theresa, 44 at alum rock,
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and 47 as los altos hills and los gatos is 54 in the hills. 50 in san francisco, and freezing cold in danville at 31. >> from sutro tower, clone air is not a "spare the air" day so we have record highs again, without poor air quality. we will try again tomorrow for more, with above average temperatures and staying below record levels. upper 60's to low 70's and gilroy is 74 and san jose at 70 and 70 in mountain view and record highs on the peninsula and upper 60's along the coast into downtown and 71 in napa, a record high, and a lot of upper 60's to low 70's and bodega bay is 61 and 71 in oakland, and low 70's in the east bay valley. while western sleeping, the high pressure moved a little bit to the east and it is getting pinched by the storm track, but,
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city, holding on enough we will not see rain for probably another week or so, but it gets close as we look at the 10 day outlook with the rain to the north and rain to the south, and nothing been -- being here well above-average temperatures through when. >> 48 bart trains and now 51 bart trains are running on time. and a.c. transit is on time with no delays on ace train. and a.c. transit has a stalled bus northbound along the film it at davis street in the center divider and not blocking any lanes and no passengers. good news, all lanes have re-opened in fremont, southbound, 680 approaching mission boulevard with an early brushfire and they shut down one lane is we are seeing the heavy residual delays at 39 miles per hour is the top speed as you make the southbound commute. as we take a wider picture of san jose, everything is running
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on time but for the usual stretch along 101 northbound headed away from the 280/680 split to the nimitz and it clears from there as we get closer to san jose airplane, and if you need to make the commute from san jose along the nimitz, we have been asked if the travels will be quinn on 880, certainly it will only take 12 minutes from milpitas. eric and kristen? >> security concerns over the sochi olympics are growing and this morning, the fears have a face. ahead at 6:30 the woman authorities are calling the black widow and the reason it could be too late to fined her. >> first, a high-tech solution to a frustrating problem with mike finney and "consumer reports" ahead with the devices promising to help you find your lost stuff. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts.
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we will check with robin reports on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, everyone, massive snow storm slamming the east coast, with heavier snow predicted with up to a foot in philadelphia and new york. our weather team will have the details all ahead on "good morning america" and we will look for you. >> that is in 37 minutes. you know the frustration, i do, you are running late if work or an appointment and cannot
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fine your wallet or keys, and sometimes it is my car, new devices offer a potential solution. do they work? consumer reports has partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. michael finney? >> do you have trouble keeping tabs on your stuff, with new devices help you locates whatever you are missing. "consumer reports" tested three to see how well they work. >> you know the problem, you can not find your keys or your wallet or where anything el is. >> i guess frustrated. it is tell. >> i am obsessed with finding it. >> stressful. stressful. >> there are devices that can help. who better to different than "consumer reports" and the device "find yourself stick and fine." and "beacon." they allow you to tag your stuff and find it when it is lost
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using your smartphone. >> there is limited range. you have to be within 30 feet to be effective. >> what about tagging items and hiding them all around the security reports headquarters and then bernie tried to find everything. the least expensive $25 "stick and find" sometimes took up to 20 minutes to find the signal. frustrating when you are in a rush. the "beacon" was quicker but cost $100 and at moment is only available for the iphone four and 4s. >> this is as quick but works with more devices and at $40 isn't as tough on your wallet. if you can fine your wallet. it can work in reverse, too, so if you have last your cell phone but have the tag keys, press the tag as long as the phone is on
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the tag will bring the no phone. >> or call your phone. unless it is on vibrate. >> or staple it to yourself and you will never have a problem. painful, though. >> we return if a few minutes with the top stories including flames that chase a dozen people out of the apartment complex. breaking news from san jose, police surround a medical marijuana dispensary for a possible burglar with a new update from the scene. >> hopefully you will not lose your keys because look at the traffic, 16 minutes from the maze into san francisco and across the bay bridge and we have good news regarding a brushfire in fremont and i tell you where the hotspots are in the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good morning, everyone at 6:28. looking to the lights sparkling in san francisco does across the
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bay, another warm one with records possibly falling. >> thanks for joining us. >> speaking of the temperatures it is time to find out what we are in store for. mike? >> a ninth consecutive day of record temperatures. from the to which the broadcast center, i look over my left shoulder and down the embarcadero and i can see the high clouds are starting to come in from the south and they are showing up on live doppler 7 hd and you can see them around gilroy and morgan hill and the bay. we have clouds along the coast with half moon bay still less than quarter-mile visibility but they are sinking to the south so they will open up as the low level winds develop the next couple of hours. we will have mostly sunny conditions today after starting off with mainly clear conditions away from the coast and upper 30's to mid-40's and as we look through the next 12 hours at noon in the upper 50's to 60's and by 4:00 we will have reached record highs near 70's and we will be back in the upper 60's in most areas at 4:00 and
6:31 am
through the evening hour it will be quiet with high clouds and a lot of stars and beautiful and colorful sunset. how about the commute? it hooks busier than yesterday. >> not a holiday light tax is for sure. we have a stalled big rig in oak southbound 880 at 16th avenue and it is causing the heavy delays as you make the southbound track, and northbound commute is not bad approaching the maze it is looking clear and the bay bridge is where the traffic is loading up. back to normal, now, for fremont southbound 680 at mission boulevard. 53 miles per hour is the top speed. one lane was blocked earlier because of a fire there and the fire was put out and all lanes are re-opened and remark is getting back to normal. eric and kristen? >> thank you, we are continuing to follow breaking news from the south bay where police have sounded a medical marijuana dispensary and abc7 news
6:32 am
reporter is there with new developments. matt? >> the everyone is overand police have captured their man and he was complaining of pain when he was arrested so you can see an ambulance. paramedics are on the other side of the plan treating the man and the pain may have been caused by being crammed in the top of an elevator shaft if -- for three hours while police were looking for him. officers thought there were two suspects but new thing he was working alone the he broke into the medical marijuana dispensary and police arrived at 2:15 after getting a call from an alarm company. they spotted him on the roof and brought if a ladder truck. officers found him 3 1/2 hours later while using a police dog and doing a building by building search and low was in the elevator shot at chance boulevard and officers convinced him to come down and they found evidence of a burglary on the roof. police say the suspect is not
6:33 am
saying much and they are still trying to figure out exactly who this man is with no word on when this strip mall is expected to open. reporting live in san jose for abc7 news. >> more breaking news this morning, authorities in the east bay are vetting an officer-involved shooting with the california highway patrol say an officer opened fire near east 15 and 57th at 3:00 this morning, and that followed a short chase that reached 50 miles per hour. here is a look at the scene from sky 7 you can see police vehicles still there, on the scene, in the dark, with no officers injured but the suspect was injured and we don't have any word open that person's condition just yet but can you still see at 15th and 57th avenue things blocked off. follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> in san jose, the red cross is
6:34 am
helping two dozen people find a place to stay after an early morning apartment fire that break out near winchester boulevard at 1:45 this morning, and san jose firefighters believe it started in the kitchen of a second floor unit with the cause under investigation. right now, pg&e is working to restore power to the building that was cut dug the firefight. no one was hurt. >> a hand was killed and another seriously injure after being hit by a train before 6:00 yesterday evening at the caltrain station. officials say an express train was not scheduled to stop there and was traveling at least 50 miles per hour. one of the men died from the impact. the other man is being treated for leg fractures. it is not clear why they were on the track. today, eight months after the i-team uncovered thousands of untested rain kits in the bay area a state lawmaker has a new bill to address the problem.
6:35 am
the investigation last may featured a rape victim whose rape kit was untested for years. the interview with the victim got the attention of state lawmaker nancy scanner from berkeley and plans to introduce a bill to address the problem. law enforcement would have five days to send d.n.a. evidence from a rape kit to a laboratory which has 30 days to upload the d.n.a. profile to the state database. the bill would also require law enforcement to inform the victim if it cannot meet the deadlines. >> east bay mother who lost two sons to gun violence in the last these weeks will receive support and consolation from another mother who suffer add similar loss. lamar broussard and another man were killed on sunday, broussard's younger brother, 13 shot and just buried last thursday.
6:36 am
>> i don't have the courage to identify my baby the someone else has to go. i have to remember them exactly the way they were. >> she know was she is going through. taylor lost her 22-year-old tin sons in a shooting in february of 2000. after their deaths she start add nonprofit called one thousand mothers to prevent violence and will meet with the mother today. the search is intensifying in russia for possible female suicide bomber who may already be inside the ring of security surrounding 9 olympics. hotel employees in sochi have received wanted posters of black widow, a 22-year-old whose husband, a militant, died during a shoot out with russian forces last year. the military has plans to evacuate learns if needed. two warships are in the black sea near russia on a planned deployment. >> the olympic team from the united states includes 15-year-old figure skater
6:37 am
edmonds of san jose and will leave soon for russia. she told abc7 news that worries of security will not distract her. >> we all excited and not going to get too concerned about any other things that are going on just excited to go there and experience the feeling of being in the olympics. >> she said the sochi games extra special because her mom is from russia and still has a large family there. >> it is now 6:37. the board of supervisors taking on the private shuttles with a critical vote expected. >> the freedom train honoring dr. martin luther king could soon stop with organizers announcing a decision about next year's ride. >> a gorgeous look at both sides of the bay with another warm when one the such rises.
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a little bit of a breeze in san francisco making it feel cooler than what it did yesterday. big snow storm is headed toward the northeast and snow all the bay down to raleigh in north carolina, and a foot in washington, dc, philadelphia, and boston so 1,700 flights are
6:41 am
canceled. 80's to san diego, and high clouds are moving in, and they will not let go of anything, rain or snow, the "7 on your side" for lake tahoe is above average, so not a chance of snow. >> we have a couple of problems that are brewing in the east bay. the first is on the nimitz, a stalled big rig blocking one lane with c.h.p. units out there causing quite the backup away from 980, so bumper to bumper at 16th avenue. our waze app westbound 24, we are trying to get clarifying, westbound 24 or closer to the maze is reported as a major accident that is involving a motorcycle with injuries recorded and a lane is blocked that will cause a problem in the commute. more details in a little bit. eric and kristen?
6:42 am
>> organizers say the martin luther king freedom train will roll again next year and the train almost never left san jose for san francisco because of dwindling ticket sales but it rolled out yesterday morning after enough tickets were sold to cover the cost of chartering a train from caltrain symbolizing the 54 mile march dr. king led from selma to montgomery, alabama, in 1965. the leader of the free world meeting the leader of the faith, president obama and pope francis will come together. >> preventing the target data breach that a big box retailer had ten years ago that could have prevented the hack. >> vote if san francisco that determines whether private tech sugar lands have to start paying
6:43 am
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covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a vote on a deal that allows the silicon valley employee shuttle buts to use san francisco bus stops for free is scheduled for later on. amy hollyfield has details. amy? >> >> this proposal will pass easy today at city hall but google
6:46 am
has encouraged the employees to come down here today and testify if they can in favor of the buses and giving them talking points to use if they can speak at city hall. some people in the city do not like the buses. there have even been protests. tech companies use them to shuttle employees from san francisco to silicon valley and the art is they use them to get people out of the cars so it is environmentally friendly but they use public muni bus stops for free and some say that is not fair pointing out if a private car did that the driver would be fined $271. today, they will vote on a compromise, charging a dollar a day per stop and require the buses to get a city permit. the protesters say this covered cost and not a significant revenue source but officials say this is a start to regulating
6:47 am
the buses. if you would lick a say this meeting is scheduled for 1:00 o'clock in afternoon at city hall. thanks, amy. >> the white house has released daylights of president obama's upcoming visit with pope francis. the president will meet the pontiff in vatican city next month following a trip to the netherlands, belgium and italy. the white house says the president plans on discussing the fight on poverty and growing inequality with the pope. >> we are lending the massive target data breach could have been prevented through a program the retailer dropped. the "wall street journal" reports that 10 years ago the current c.e.o. pulled the plug on a pilot program to use smart chips embedded in the credit cards worrying that it would slow the check out speeds. experts say the recent thefts of 70 million target customers' information may force the retail wees and banks to invest in chip technology which is popular in europe and canada.
6:48 am
>> trading is underway in "wall street journal" and now a look at at the big board. the dow is up 18 points. >> the new ipad sold very well in the first few months after they were launched in november according to a research survey and accounted for 57 percent of all ipad sales during the final quarter of 2013 although the devices were only available for two months. apple is scheduled to report results from the december quarter next mop. got your brackets to march madness? you should know that warren buffett is backing a $1 million prize through quarterbacken -- through quicken loans to whoever accurately make the bring
6:49 am
diction. quicken will accept 10 million to enter the contest >> a baby polar bear took the first dip in the water by taking a first bath. the republican to -- the toronto zoo posted this of the polar bear getting the first bath. he was born november 9. three was calm during the first bath only making a couple of attempts at escaping growing stronger each day account coat is getting thicker. >> try that five years. >> you need a mighty big tub then. >> a mighty big washer. >> lake the >> strong hands. >> it is going to be opposite looking at a polar bear but we are so warm here ... >> the bays are not hibernating because it is so warm and dry and that will continue. we will show you what is going on, good morning, everyone, this
6:50 am
is how it looks from live doppler 7 hd, you can see a few low clouds along the coast with half moon bay with the low of the visibility and the food has just developed at 1.75 quarters visibility. the temperature is 32 degrees if novato. we have freezing temperatures this danville and 3 and san ramon is 32 and pleasanton is close, and walnut creek is 33 and concord is 34 and livermore is 36 and lafayette is 37, and pleasant hill is 38, and 40 in pitsburg and 43 in antioch. 42 in hayward. upper 30's from los gatos and san jose. oakland is downtown 37 degrees and san francisco is 50 and novato the temperatures changed to 30's and you can see high clouds are starting to stream in and the colorful sunrise this morning on this day where we could set our ninth consecutive day of record highs and try again tomorrow with the extended forecast slightly less warm but
6:51 am
dry. unfortunately. this is how it looks from mount tamalpais we will use this as a backdrop to show you the we temperatures, 11 to 13 degrees above average and we will set highs in napa and oakland and redwood city at 70. exactly ten hours of sunshine today, and 74 in gilroy to the south, and up the peninsula, mountain view is 70 with a record high. upper 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and 69 was the record high yesterday in san francisco and today you will get to 71. you will enclose at 70 but we don't have official records for novato so we don't know about a record much the cool spot in the snort bodega bay. upper 60's to low 70's along the east bay shore and same in the east bay valley. high pressure is moving to the east and we talked about a split flow creating a roadblock so the
6:52 am
storms are moving around and you can see the high cloud overtaking the top of this area of high pressure and the next ten days, then, are looking dry and close to sprinkles to the south and the north but nothing strange even for snow. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow is like today, a couple of degrees cooler on thursday and hanging out through friday and a couple of degrees cooler friday and saturday and sunday. >> it look like three different folks were reporting a motorcycle that kurd at the oakland maze westbound on 80 with one lane blocked. they have reported that there are injuries involved and slow commute there at 12 miles per hour leaving emeryville to approach the toll so slow traffic and now a new problem. southbound 880 an early stalled big rig with c.h.p. getting it
6:53 am
off to the shoulder and traffic is slow to recover. as we take you to the north bay through novato we have an area of fog which is the orange area and it is cool temperatures so the possibility black ice. seven things to know before you
6:54 am
as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go, number one be police have captured a burglary system following an extensive search at a san jose strip mall. they were called to hillsdale and camden avenue after a security alarm went off after 2:15 and police believe the burglar targeted the medical marijuana dispensary in the strip mall. two, breaking news in oakland with an officer-involved shooting at east 15th. this is a look from sky seven you can see the police vehicles down there with investigators
6:55 am
saying a c.h.p. officer opened fire on a suspect involved in a short pursuit. no officers were hurt. the condition is unknown. >> the investigation of a deadly accident in santa clara with two men hit, one killed, the other seriously injured. officials want to know why the men were on the tracks the >> a vote by san francisco muni officials today will determine whether those private buses that shuttle high-tech workers to silicon valley can use bus stops in the certify for a fee. residents and officials complain the shuttle clogged traffic and delayed muni buses. >> another powerful winter storm will blanket a large portion of the midwest and northeast with self inches of snow and areas around chicago are expecting up to 2" of snow an hour and the system could stick around through the weekend. live doppler 7 hd shows an increase in the visibility so the fog is probably moved away
6:56 am
from the reporting stays so watch out at half moon bay. the big story today is a colorful sunrise and sunset because of the high clouds, and sunshine, and, still, record high temperatures, low-to-mid upper 60's at the coast and low 70 for the rest of us. >> seven, it could look light at the maze because of an accident as we look at our maps making the transition from westbound 580 to westbound 80 involving a motorcycle blocking two lanes with injuries reported and we have heavy backups and 12 miles per hour is the respond speed with light traffic on 280 and 101. >> we are facing potential record temperatures and an inch of snow an hour in chicago. >> yikes. a foot in new england from washington, dc, up to boston. that is why you may want to call ahead on any flights.
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shot neces is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. here's a, even a warrior can get sick.
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kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. good morning, america. breaking at this hour, winter storm warning up and down the east coast. predictions for up to a foot in big cities like philadelphia and new york. the federal government already closed and that massive polar plunge taking hold across the midwest. new overnight, that urgent search for possible female suicide bombers grows to three. one believed to be hiding in the shadows of the olympic games as the pentagon makes plans to protect u.s. athletes. brian ross here with developing details. don't you ever talk about me! >> trash talk tirade, seahawks star richard sherman talks about his epic postgame rant right after his team's big win which sends them to the super bowl. what he's saying now about his brash comments.


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